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Roleymole (known to most as Laura Jonas) is a freelance illustrator currently designing primarily within the greetings industry. She loves all things cute and creative. You name it - she'll create it. And what's more, she loves commissions, just drop her an email with any queries!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Our friend Nicole is very a very lovely american lady and threw us the most glorious Thanksgiving dinner yesterday - I'd without a doubt be a lot heavier than I am now if I lived over there. This one was just something for her. Wooden pegs, painted, and clipped onto a homemade wire wreath - 52 stars and 13 stripes all in. Happy Holidays to all in the US!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lines for the Lord

I'm not going to lie, I love being a young creative in my church - I get all the best jobs! On the first Tuesday of every month people from our church come together to pray for people around the world - and I got the fun job of designing this slide to publicise it. 'Global Prayer' changed it's name to 'Network Prayer' after I'd completed the design, but the event remains the same - a group of people who  love Jesus coming together in prayer for those taking his story to the ends of the earth.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Back to the blog

Those who know me will know that 2012 has brought with it many new things in the life of Laura Jonas. 
A new home, a new Nephew, a new job and even a new last name, So after a long and eventful summer and in the theme of all things new of course I had to re-jig my blog to fit in with my new life!
After landing, pretty much, my dream job in October as a freelancer in the greetings world, I felt it only necessary to give the blog a spring (or Autumn) clean and get back to showcasing what I do best - making things! Be it designs from work, or the crafty fun I get up to in what spare time I manage to savour - you'll see it all here first.
So to begin here are some sneak peeks of some designs I've done so far for Inspire by Design LTD.
Until next time ;) ...